Inc. 2021 Best Led Companies is an exciting 14-point measure of management excellence across the middle market a select, data-driven list of the very strongest U.S. firms with revenue of $50 million to $2 billion.

Mid-market companies are nimble enough to maneuver but also big enough to have a broad impact, and they employ 35 million people, about one of four U.S. workers. Generated with input from our partners at Pitchbook and Shango Labs, our algorithm will analyze these firms and identify the very best according to their leadership teams’ superlative accomplishments in four key areas: Performance and Value Creation; Market Penetration and Customer Engagement; Talent; and Leadership Team. This novel program is the first Inc. recognition list to honor public companies as well as private.

You can view the 2021 Best Led Companies honorees here.

You can download a sample of the application questions here.